Christian's Website

Welcome! I like God. I am making my Neocities website.

So here are some interests, I guess:

My favorite Bible verses, ranked:

  1. John 3:13
  2. Psalm 24:4
  3. 2 Kings 9:20

About me

My name is Christian Chadson. I was born on June 9th 1988 in Waterville, Maine. I am the eldest of three brothers, however I do have one older sister. Though, she did defect to Russia recently, so we are not in contact with her anymore. I was raised in a small household with only four bathrooms, but a whole bedroom. All of us were homeschooled, except our sister, who went to public school. She likely picked up her sinful habbits there. I however, still have my virtuous tendencies intact, thanks in large part to the careful teachings of my parents and grandparents, who all lived with us.

My family values

My family is Christian, though we do not fall into any well-known denomination due to our divergence from Christian norms. For example, rather than going to church, we partake in ritualistic Guilty-Gear matches. Durring such matches, we would self-impose restrictions based on how sinful we have been in the past week, the nature of the sinfulness, and the whims of the Lord. (Ascertained through Ouija seances) For example, when last we had a match, it was determined that I would need to use only one foot rather than both of them, and would need to chant impromptu Bible verses as the match went on, lest the controller be confiscated from me and anointed with lavender-scented essencial oil.

My life now,

Today, I live my humble life in a small apartment, neighbor to my old house where my parents and grandparents still live. I work through Dorian Smiles' self-employment program, where I can make my own hours and be my own boss. I spend most of My free-time watching heterosexual Japanimation, and playing video games. (Though only those with a morality-score of 80% or higher on Christ-Centered Gamer, with the exception of the Guilty-Gear series for tradition's sake)

Why traps are not homosexual

Lately, there has been much discourse concerning whether or not traps are to be considered homosexual (Coloquially known as "gay"). Seeing as I am a God-fearing Christian myself, I am educated enough on the matter to provide insightful comment. I am very fascinated with traps, and do not consider them to be gay. I have read the Bible! Furthermore, there have been many scientific proofs that traps are not gay. Yes, the word of science is to be discarded when it conflicts with the word of our Lord. However, I was not able to find any mention of traps in the Bible, so there is no contradiction here.